Saturday, January 8, 2011

Winter scenes are so beautiful...

We had a few inches of snow before Christmas that stayed around for awhile because it was so cold. The snow then melted when we had unseasonable weather ( high of 58) on New Years that melted it all. Now, a few weeks later, we have very cold weather (high of 18) today and a few more inches of snow again.

Redbirds - my Mom's favorite! I have seen this redbird quite often outside our kitchen window.

This redbird showed up right beside me as I was working out on the treadmill the other morning.
A family of deer came through the back yard eating some of our plants during the warm weather. I counted 8 deer that slowly walked by trying to find something to eat...I watched this lone deer eating my mums. As you can see from these pictures, there is not one trace of the first snow.

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