Monday, November 1, 2010

Brooke had two costumes this year for Halloween. At school she was an M&M and for trick-or-treat night she was a witch.

Brooke and her friend Audrey.

We took Audrey with us one night to see a Charlie Brown musical at the local high school and later treated them to ice cream. In the car, they wanted to hear 'Party in the USA'. When Keith & I sang along, we overheard Brooke saying to her friend in disgust "welcome to my world" and Audrey's reply was "I like your world". Ha!

We miss Abbey!

We lost Abbey on September 30, 2010. She was the most loyal dog, listened and trained well! She battled severe heart disease for 2 1/2 years and was a real trooper. She would have been 12 years old in January.

Such a little sweetie!

Meggie misses Abbey too. She sure wishes Abbey were still here to wear this silly Halloween costume! :)

In August, we traveled to Michigan for Kip and Janie's wedding. It was very nice and Brooke had fun being in the wedding.

I wonder what is going through their minds???
Playing with cousins at the Walter Family Reunion. Brooke's absolute favorite event!

New this year...Uncle Kenny bought a horse and buggy and took the kids for a ride. Fun!

The Silly Band Era

Silly bands come and silly bands go. Here Brooke created a crown with all her silly bands. The fad seems to be over now. What should one do with 400 silly bands?

Here Brooke and Abigail are all 'Sweet and Sassy' as we arrive for the American Idol Tour Concert. They loved it!

In all Brooke's excitement leading up to the concert (for days) - she ended up falling asleep towards the end. :)

Love the Ohio State Fair

O.k. get me off this thing before I get sick!

This is about the only roller coaster I can handle. Who wants to take Brooke to Cedar Point?
We finally made it to the Olentangy Caverns this was interesting but Brooke was a little spooked at times with the
'underneath world'.

Trying out tennis this summer and even with the heat, Brooke liked this week long camp.

Brooke tried out girls softball this spring and wasn't so sure about it at the beginning but ended up liking it and improved as time went on. Go Brooke!

She enjoyed the social part probably a little more than the game itself.

School's out...Now summer fun!

First swim in the pool with friends...
Abigail, Morgan and Julianne.

Brooke at her 7 1/2 Luau Birthday party.

The kids all lining up to start the pool games - Fun!

Pool Construction '09 -'10

It was a long process of 8 months from beginning to glad we are now at the end of that project. It was worth the wait!

Ducks were the first to take a swim...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Brookes' Balloon Idea....
I was reading the paper one Saturday morning and Brooke was in the other room playing with some balloons...she remembered there was a huge heart balloon from Valentines Day that she wanted from the basement. I found it and was surprised it was still floating - she was excited to have it back. I went on reading the newspaper while she played with all the balloons. Later on, I heard her say, "Mom, I know how to communicate with Mimi today" and I said, "how's that?" She explained how we could write her notes and draw some pretty pictures and then tie them to the end of the balloon and send it up to Mimi in heaven. I said that was a great idea and so we got busy making our notes & pictures. She was very satisfied as we watched the balloon travel up into the sky, until we could see it no longer, that it was well on its way to heaven.

We both watched it for awhile out the sunroom was amazing how we had a view of it the entire time until it was just a tiny point and never getting caught in a tree, which Brooke was worried about.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

First Father/Daughter Dance....

Keith & Brooke posing in their western attire before heading off to the Father/Daughter "Hoe Down" dance for Girl Scouts.
They both said it was a fun time. :)

Brooke dancing with a group of her friends...
they loved the music, making crafts etc...and even dancing with their Dads.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Brooke was in her first musical play this past week at school. It was called, 'Circus, Circus' and her role was a 'pageant girl' with a small speaking part. She really enjoyed getting prepared for the play, singing all the songs at home and acting out all the parts. I really think each student enjoyed this play showing lots of enthusiasm....thank goodness for music class which is such a great outlet for all kids!!!

Easter Church, Easter bunny and way to much candy....

I love this time of year, spring is here, Easter Sunday, flowers blooming, pretty dresses, the Easter Bunny and the treats the bunny brings...o.k. so maybe he can cut back on the treats a little next year.

This was also my Mom's favorite time of year and I'm really missing her, wishing she could be here to share...wondering what she is enjoying now - I believe many wonderful things.

Mom in Germany - sitting in a field of flowers

Here on Easter weekend when Brooke was 4 months old and already getting an Easter basket with a big chocolate egg, ha!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ahhh....Vacations! Fun & relaxing - this is what it's all about.

...more vacation pictures in Marco Island, Florida

Brooke is standing beside a water tank in the hotel lounge that was built into a seating area & went up to the was full of jellyfish...pretty cool!
Brooke's first step in the ocean this year...lovin' it!