Saturday, April 2, 2011


Brooke leisurely floating with the waves.

As always, we had a nice relaxing time on Marco Island.

Girl Scout - Father/Daughter Dance - SOCK HOP

Getting some pics before they were off to the Sock Hop dance - Brooke couldn't wait to get there and didn't really want to stop for any photo op's. Ha!

They all had a great time dancing, playing games and eating their Root Beer Floats. YUM!
Future Cheerleader? Who knows - but Brooke enjoyed a 1/2 day cheerleading camp and got to go out on the H.S. Basketball court to cheer with the big girls!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Winter scenes are so beautiful...

We had a few inches of snow before Christmas that stayed around for awhile because it was so cold. The snow then melted when we had unseasonable weather ( high of 58) on New Years that melted it all. Now, a few weeks later, we have very cold weather (high of 18) today and a few more inches of snow again.

Redbirds - my Mom's favorite! I have seen this redbird quite often outside our kitchen window.

This redbird showed up right beside me as I was working out on the treadmill the other morning.
A family of deer came through the back yard eating some of our plants during the warm weather. I counted 8 deer that slowly walked by trying to find something to eat...I watched this lone deer eating my mums. As you can see from these pictures, there is not one trace of the first snow.

Somehow Keith & Meggie spent a lot of S & S time (sleeping & snoring) on Christmas day.

"The Thinking Man"
Could it be the money spent on Christmas or maybe what he ate?
New day - New year!
Meggie guarding the presents under the tree.

Meggie checking out her new 'hot dog' toy...likes that mustard!

Relaxing with Brooke's special elf 'Sprinkles'.

Christmas Joys & Toys

As usual, Christmas came and went by quickly. We had a nice (but busy) two weeks while Brooke was off of school for the Holidays. Here are a few pics of our Christmas at home....

Monday, January 3, 2011

We have taken Brooke to many concerts in the past but she considered Selena Gomez her first concert as her favorite real 'pop star'.

She was so excited...she is here with a friend, Abigail.

Brooke took a music workshop this fall and had fun..this is a little Christmas program they did.

Birthday at Grandpa's House

Brooke is 8 years old! WOW!!!

Brooke's Birthday at School

My Dad found a Lap Harp in a closet that my Mom had bought many years ago.
Brooke loves to play it and asked her teacher if she could bring it to school on her birthday and play it for her classmates.
She played four songs: Happy Birthday, America the Beautiful, Twinkle little star, and Amazing Grace.
After Brooke was done playing, her teacher asked her to explain to the class how she was playing..with sheet music and reading the notes.

Thanksgiving weekend was fun...
had a great time at the game while staying
fairly warm.
Three generations of Dessecker's in this picture
Dad, Rick and Evan. Go Bucks!