Monday, August 17, 2009

Brooke helping Papa pick green beans.
Beets are next.

A few years ago Keith
'planted the seed' to have my Dad possibly start a vegetable garden again so that Brooke could participate in the growing of vegetables....well, my Dad ended up planting all the seeds and has harvested so many vegetables and I think the only participating we are doing is in eating all of them. Brooke did help plant some seeds one year and we have all helped make strawberry jam too! Nothing like fresh veggies and home-made food!

Ohio State Fair

We first took Brooke to the fair when she was two and she has looked forward going in the summer ever since. She loves the rides, games, animals and, of course, the 'fair' food. Her absolute favorite thing to do is the Giant Yellow Slide...she probably climbed up those many steps 15 times. Wow, Keith & I were tired after just a few trips and we were taking turns going with her and she went up by herself too. Whew...that was a long, hot day!

Summer coming to a close...Brooke had lots of fun!

Brooke and her friends: Abigail, Daniel & Mark.

Brooke and Nicole posing in the sun.
One morning Brooke announced we were all going to a 'Luau' - in the living room. Mom & Dad's partici-
pation a must!

I love this picture!
'Two peas in a pod'.

Yeah....Brooke riding her bike!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

In my own time.....

Brooke got over two fears this summer - 'swimming' and 'riding a bike'. One thing I know for sure is that she is very strong-willed and doesn't like to be pushed into anything until she is ready. It didn't matter how much Mom or Dad pushed, begged, pleaded for her to at least try....she wasn't going to do it until she was good and ready. Now at 6 years old she took off on both this summer and really enjoying both....she really likes her razor scooter as well. I have included some videos of these events.