Sunday, April 18, 2010

Brooke was in her first musical play this past week at school. It was called, 'Circus, Circus' and her role was a 'pageant girl' with a small speaking part. She really enjoyed getting prepared for the play, singing all the songs at home and acting out all the parts. I really think each student enjoyed this play showing lots of enthusiasm....thank goodness for music class which is such a great outlet for all kids!!!

Easter Church, Easter bunny and way to much candy....

I love this time of year, spring is here, Easter Sunday, flowers blooming, pretty dresses, the Easter Bunny and the treats the bunny brings...o.k. so maybe he can cut back on the treats a little next year.

This was also my Mom's favorite time of year and I'm really missing her, wishing she could be here to share...wondering what she is enjoying now - I believe many wonderful things.

Mom in Germany - sitting in a field of flowers

Here on Easter weekend when Brooke was 4 months old and already getting an Easter basket with a big chocolate egg, ha!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ahhh....Vacations! Fun & relaxing - this is what it's all about.

...more vacation pictures in Marco Island, Florida

Brooke is standing beside a water tank in the hotel lounge that was built into a seating area & went up to the was full of jellyfish...pretty cool!
Brooke's first step in the ocean this year...lovin' it!

Brooke posing with Margo the Mermaid this year.

It's fun to see how Brooke has changed as well as 'Margo the Mermaid'. She got a makeover this year and looks brand new, shiny green with gold accents. The plaque below her says that Margo is the Marco Island Mermaid...known to millions of readers of the Brenda Starr reporter cartoon series featured in 72 major newspapers.

Brooke with Margo Mermaid at age 5

Brooke sitting with Margo Mermaid at age 3