Saturday, March 13, 2010

Girl Scouts

We picked up 103 cases of Girl Scout cookies.

Brooke with all the boxes she sold.

Brooke added Girl Scouts (Daisies) to her activities this year. At our first meeting they wanted someone to volunteer to be 'Cookie Mom'... I made the mistake of asking what it 'entailed' but no one really knew...then somehow I was quickly nominated and said, well, o.k. When Brooke found out, she was SO excited jumping up & down that her Mom was THE cookie mom (whatever that meant). Well, boy did I find out what it really means....what a crazy, whirlwind it has been the last few months...we are nearing the end (yeah!) currently trying to collect all the money from 13 girls/moms to deposit in the bank - with the deadline being one day before we leave for spring break vacation.
Since we were a 'new' troop, they decided our selling goal would be 75 boxes per girl. When it came time to sell the cookies, Keith (reluctantly) & Brooke hit the pavement in our neighborhood. They went out a few times on different streets and I remember them coming home on breaks and saying this was going to be easy to make the goal. For not wanting to go out at first, I think Keith (top salesman of old) secretly found it fun and a challenge to see how many they could sell and kept asking me what trinket/gift Brooke would receive if she sold more. Well, Brooke sold 214 boxes...she was the top seller of her troop and received 7 different fun gifts for all her work. :) She knocked on every door herself and spoke her spiel to all (with Dad in the distance) so it was definitely a good experience for her and a confidence builder. Now, as for the 'Cookie Mom', if you think I probably won't be doing it again next are so right!
Keith helped me out a lot so he ended up being a really good 'Cookie Dad'. Just ask him!
(At one point, when I was getting ready to send out an email to all the troop Mom's...he wrote out a message saying, "I have the greatest husband in the world"...pretending like he would send it out. I then typed my intended message but later found out that his message did go out....I didn't find out until the first Mom came to pick up her cookies at our house and when I introduced her to Keith, she said, "yes, this must be the greatest husband" I then looked at Keith and he justed laughed and said he didn't mean to press 'send'.

Valentine's Day

This is always a fun-filled day at school. Brooke took her decorated box in and they have fun passing out valentines along with yummy food, projects and games.

Brooke having fun with a few 'indoor' winter activities - here playing 'beach' with Abby K.

Swimming in the jacuzzi...

... at the movies with Abigail H.
Tumbling & doing cartwheels in the living room.

Winter wonderland in our back yard...

More winter activities...

Brooke's first snowman of the season - this one didn't last very long.

Snowman#2 was dedicated to Ohio State winning the Rose Bowl. Go Bucks!

Winter 2010...record snowfall in February of 30 inches

I can't believe it has been almost three months since I last blogged...time really does go by so quickly. Christmas has come & gone, winter was over the top this year - the first snow is always so much fun and looks beautiful but after 30 inches in February, enough already! Where is spring? Thankfully we were teased with some nice weather over the last week (65 yesterday) and all the snow is gone!!! Spring break in Florida is calling us soon. Yeah!

Brooke playing outside in the snow.

Her friends are taking a much needed break on the bench.

Brooke with our neighbor Liam in the sled we passed down to him.

Keith & Brooke peeking out of the snow fort they built.

Brooke is standing with an icicle that was hanging from the's a foot taller than her (I believe she is 48").

Christmas Fun...

Posing as a sparkly red reindeer.