Sunday, December 20, 2009

One weekend, Brooke & Papa went outside for an adventure and came back with a bucket full of ears of corn. They shelled all the corn off the ears and had a huge pile to feed the deer and other animals who might enjoy it. Papa told Brooke many stories and gave her educational information about producing corn for so many things. I know she enjoyed it because she told this story of "the adventure with Papa" on a writing assignment for school. Fun!

Papa wrote out Brooke's name with the corn and also gave her examples of what the corn is used for, like cornmeal (in the background).

Friday, December 11, 2009

Birthday Pictures

Brooke's Birthday...Seven Years Old!

I can't believe Brooke is 7! The time has flown by. Brooke was very happy to turn 7 finally - although the day of her birthday she announced she doesn't feel any older! Ha! When she got home from school we hid in the house and yelled 'surprise' (by Mom, Dad, Papa, Grandma & Grandpa) she was surprised! We opened up gifts and then went to eat out at a Mexican place (she wanted them to sing happy birthday to her in spanish). We all went to the Zoo later to see the pretty Christmas light display, see Santa and ride the carousel. It was all fun!