Sunday, June 6, 2010

Brookes' Balloon Idea....
I was reading the paper one Saturday morning and Brooke was in the other room playing with some balloons...she remembered there was a huge heart balloon from Valentines Day that she wanted from the basement. I found it and was surprised it was still floating - she was excited to have it back. I went on reading the newspaper while she played with all the balloons. Later on, I heard her say, "Mom, I know how to communicate with Mimi today" and I said, "how's that?" She explained how we could write her notes and draw some pretty pictures and then tie them to the end of the balloon and send it up to Mimi in heaven. I said that was a great idea and so we got busy making our notes & pictures. She was very satisfied as we watched the balloon travel up into the sky, until we could see it no longer, that it was well on its way to heaven.

We both watched it for awhile out the sunroom was amazing how we had a view of it the entire time until it was just a tiny point and never getting caught in a tree, which Brooke was worried about.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

First Father/Daughter Dance....

Keith & Brooke posing in their western attire before heading off to the Father/Daughter "Hoe Down" dance for Girl Scouts.
They both said it was a fun time. :)

Brooke dancing with a group of her friends...
they loved the music, making crafts etc...and even dancing with their Dads.